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Grow, Harvest & Preserve with Lynda Hallinan (+ Get a free Christmas gift!)

Grow, Harvest & Preserve with Lynda Hallinan (+ Get a free Christmas gift!)

Let me take the strain (geddit?) out of your Christmas shopping with my gorgeous book for cooks, gardeners, picklers and preservers, and receive a free box of organic cotton cheesecloth (worth $14.95) from my friends at Country Trading Co.

If you make soft cheeses or quince jelly - or you want to - or you need some beautiful organic fabric to wrap your Christmas pud or that leftover ham in, this stuff is the bomb! I wouldn't use anything else (and in the past I've tried everything from pillowcases to footless tights to squeeze the last drop of juicy goodness into my jellies).

Heather and her team at Country Trading Co. scoured the world for the best cheesecloth. It's sustainably grown and woven in an accredited textile mill without child labour or chemical bleaching to produce the best quality warp and weft (that means it's as posh as high-thread count sheets) for optimum draining of curds and preserves.

As for my book, Foggydale Farm Jam Sessions takes seasonal, organic fruit (and the occasional vege) from the orchard to the pantry with oodles of practical gardening advice, a fair bit of humour and loads of easy harvest recipes for homegrown, homemade preserves. 

A 50:50 mix of gardening know-how and recipes, Foggydale Farm Jam Sessions covers the basics of making jams and jellies just like our grandmothers used to, but without the hassle of slaving over a hot stove all summer. 

This beautiful 256-page hardcover book, with original watercolour illustrations by artist Lindsay Eller and gorgeous photography by Sally Tagg, is packed with honest growing information and hundreds of fruit tree variety recommendations for New Zealand gardens. 

Every copy ordered is personally autographed by me and if it's a gift (for you or someone else), I'll add a dedication too. (Click on "add a note to your order" when ordering.) 

Click on the thumbnail images at right to see sample pages from the book.
For special orders or queries, email foggydalefarm@gmail.com

Merry Christmas from me and mine to you and yours x

Lynda Hallinan

ps. Offer valid until 31 December 2017

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